Executive Profile of Paul Whitley...

Multi-faceted executive that has served as:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & General Manager  - $180 million Public Company,

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) - $40 million Public Company,

  • SVP Business Development / Portfolio Manager - $2 billion Hedge Fund,

  • Business Development Manager/Officer - producing $2.4 billion in Funds Employed, and

  • Corporate Accounting Manager - $5 billion Public Company...

...leading and coordinating brand development and strategic marketing on niche market specific levels. Provided leadership, developed, managed, and implemented marketing programs, plans, strategies, budgets, and materials, dramatically increasing revenue in companies.

Achievements  produced high growth, Lean Management including product sourcing lowering related costs, and installed new operating systems providing Shared Services increasing sales while reducing payrolls, encompassing relationship building with consumers, clients and internal staff to develop and enhance market present with large and smaller companies in multiple industries, including retail, commercial lending and commercial/individual communication devices.

Paul Whitley...

  • High performance leader with excellent operations acumen creating and leading cross-functional teams.

  • Finance, Accounting and Business Development qualifications known for consistent successes in developing finance as a value-added function.

  • Innovative achieving cost reductions by process redesign and performance management methodologies.

  • Strong commitment to excellence embracing a team approach to provide effective motivational leadership.

Telephone: (214) 477-6039 E-mail: mail@pwhitley.com