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Executive Team

PJW Financial, LLC (PJW) assists its clients by providing a thorough, independent evaluation and analysis of current operations, operating results, strategic planning, and the development of effective growth strategies. Our services are designed to provide improvements in cash flows, liquidity, and return on capital. Our mission statement is to maximize our clients operational efficiencies and in many cases to prepare them for funding from the capital markets.

The principal Paul Whitley has worked in start-up, turnaround, small, medium and large company environments and have managed large and small staffs. The team collectively possess a very strong educational and practical background in finance and accounting, and have extensive experience in operations, strategic planning, auditing, consulting, and raising capital through debt, equity, and mezzanine markets.

As a business investment banking firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas, PJW handles all aspects of a client transaction, from advisor or author of the client's business plan, financial proforma, and recommending competent legal advisors through to a successful closing. Part of the process is to participate in the audit and due diligence portion of the funding process. This has provided PJW with unusual insight into lender requirements and an understanding of the factors that make an organization viable, profitable, and "bankable." With recent disclosures of accounting malfeasance at some large U.S. companies, this independent ability to accurately analyze a client's viability is invaluable.